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Full Version: v.1.01.8
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UPDATE (Bug fixes / feature additions):

Added: Lap Tracker screen
Added: Speedway Stoppage deducts a lap even when no re-order of grid
Added: Start mode: 'Manual Staggered (by Result)"
Added: Ability to set Thermocouple sensor type
Fixed: Free Practice error after resetting event
Fixed: Refresh Entry List menu now re-draws list if empty
Fixed: Restart race not working after Paused race
Fixed: Glowing Auto sort button colour not resetting after click
Fixed: Re-order Grid not setting remaining laps correctly
Fixed: Prevent non numeric Personal Number entry
Fixed: Manual Staggered car announcement sometimes not working
Fixed: Delete Entry removes Event Entry records
Fixed: Pitscreen Overall Positions not appearing
Fixed: Export / Import of local DB tables
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