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Full Version: v.1.01.5
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UPDATE (Bug fixes / minor feature additions):

Fixed: Race recovery not clearing old laps (if race not recovered)
Fixed: Timing relay client (Speed-Feed) list updates after client disconnects
Fixed: Race schedule repeated warning pop up
Fixed: Race schedule lunch break in minutes rather than hours
Fixed: Problem re-opening Pitscreen after closing it
Fixed: Schedule display ABC finals names
Fixed: Final Delay button visibility not reset when event reset
Fixed: TQ, 2nd and 3rd shown correctly on Race Reports (in report footer)
Fixed: Entrant drag and drop after event reset
Added: Final Positions summary shown on Final Race Reports (in report footer)
Added: TQ shown on Final Positions Reports (in report footer)
Added: Timing relay client (Speed-Feed) notification functionality
Added: Race data passed to timing relay clients (Speed-Feed)
Added: Pitscreen 'Lap Behind' markers
Added: Weather sensor functionality
Added: ABC Multi-part Finals
Added: Single A Leg XMas Tree Final if # of entrants less than final's entry #
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