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Full Version: v.1.01.7
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UPDATE (Bug fixes / minor feature additions):

Added: Lowered Min. Live Timing upload rate to 10 sec
Added: Configurable speech for F1 - F4 Light Controller Hot Keys
Added: Light control button coloured green when stage is On
Added: Scrutineer App integration and management
Added: Serial port configurable output
Added: Slave penalty handling
Fixed: Final Ranking web update now Firstname, Surname
Fixed: Laptime chart report duplicating laps when multiple Heats
Fixed: Final grid list duplicates if Categories have different length Finals
Fixed: Laptime won't count if announce Marshals / Next to race using Marshal form
Fixed: Invalid passing after paused race
Fixed: Race Schedule order incorrect if adding extra Categories after Event saved
Fixed: Delete Event when no Heats exist
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