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v.1.01.9 - eLapsRaceTiming - 09-Nov-2016 06:08 PM

UPDATE (Bug fixes / feature additions):

Added: Reordered "Race Order" Announcement (driver name first), and added Position announcement preference
Added: Promote single Semi Final into next two final legs (Xmas tree sorting)
Added: Lap Tracker various screen resolutions
Added: Numerous Slave settings disabled after transfer of database (from Master)
Added: Configurable Announcement Hot Keys
Added: Configurable Auto Announce Marshals / Next To Race
Added: Email Subscription encrypted credentials handling
Added: Lap Position Chart report
Added: Auto Print, printer management (multiple printers, multiple copies)
Added: Auto Sort options (Odd / Even, Random and Grade)
Added: Reminder prompt to print race results (when not auto printing)
Added: Flashing Connection Status text (bottom left corner) when not connected
Fixed: Error with DB Backup Location button when no backups exist
Fixed: Live Timing error when no event set up
Fixed: Duplicate Entries on Grid List report
Fixed: Finals Live Update file not always being created when race advanced
Fixed: Finalised races can now be restarted
Fixed: Schedule Timetable report start times not handling exact hour
Fixed: Import data functionality into non empty database
Fixed: Lap Tracker icon flag colours not always resetting
Fixed: Removed duplicates in Marshals / Next To Race form
Fixed: Beep Sound duplicates in drop down list
Fixed: Grid Start race start time setting incorrectly
Fixed: End Of Round email now includes all rounds rather than just current round
Fixed: Duplicate Last Grid Positions on Race Recovery tab
Fixed: Race Recovery for 'race in laps' mode