How to Edit Laptimes
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Information How to Edit Laptimes
Individual lap time records can be edited via the Race Results page (5th Menu from the top).

To view / print results for a specific race, click on the required Event Listing session name (see How to Print Results for further information).

[Image: Printing_EventListing.JPG]

To Edit an individual entrant's lap times, right click on the required entrant row and click the 'Edit Laptimes' pop up menu.

[Image: EditLaptime_rightClick.JPG]

The Adjust Laptimes form will open and list each lap record for the selected race.

[Image: EditLaptime_ListLaptimePopUp.JPG]

The Adjust Laptimes form can be used to Add extra laps, Delete or Edit existing laps. To edit a lap, right click the required lap row and click the 'Edit Lap?' pop up menu.

[Image: EditLaptime_EditLaptimePopUp.JPG]

Time (0:00.000)
This field must be entered as a formatted string that equates to a Minute : Second : Millisecond format. The input field will automatically format any input.

Time MS
this field is the 'un-formatted' representation of the lap time entered above. Any valid input entered above will automatically be entered into this field.

This field is the entry's race position at the time the lap was recorded.

After any lap time adjustment, it is likely the race results / points / overall positions are going to need to be re-calculated. Clicking the 'Recalc Results' button on the Adjust Laptimes form will update the results for the edited category (class).

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