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Information How to Create an Entry
To create a new entry, on the People page (3rd Menu from the top) click the New Entry button as shown in the following screen shot:

[Image: Entry_NewEntry.JPG]

Clicking the New Entry button will enable the entry details fields, with the required fields having an Orange background:

[Image: Entry_RequiredFields.JPG]

Here you can also configure the Speech Text that will be announced throughout the event. Clicking the small button next to the Speech Text field will speak the text that is entered in the corresponding field.

By default, the majority of extra details fields (e.g. Personal #, Team Sponsor etc) are disabled until a transponder number is entered in the Transponder # field.

A Transponder # can be entered manually at this time, or after the entry details have been saved. Clicking on a saved row in the entry list will load all entry details into the corresponding fields, ready for editing.

Transponder numbers will appear in the Transponder list as they cross the timing loop. This list makes it easy for race control to choose and allocate transponder numbers.

[Image: Entry_TranList.JPG]

A transponder number can be clicked on from the Transponder list and dragged to a row in the entry list.

[Image: Entry_DragDropTranNum.JPG]

After dropping the Transponder on the required row in the entry list, a pop up box will appear asking you to confirm your actions. Clicking Yes will assign the chosen transponder to the entry row.

To remove a transponder number from a entry, right click on the required row in the entry list and click the Clear Transponder pop up menu. Again, a pop up box will ask you to confirm your actions.

[Image: Entry_ClearTranNum.JPG]

Alternatively, you can simply click the required row in the entry list and then clear the Transponder # text in entry details area.

Entry records can be deleted entirely by first clicking on the required row in the entry list, and then clicking the Delete Entry button located next to the New Entry button.

More entry details functionality will be added soon. For example, the ability to add an entry image file, and the ability to retrieve an entry's previous race history.

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