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Information How to Sort Entries
Sorting entries into individual Practice and Qualifying heats is performed on the Race Entry page (4th Menu from the top).

Manual sorting
Right click a Practice or Qualifying session heading in the Grid Listing tab and click 'Add Heat' from the pop up menu.

[Image: EnterEvent_AddHeat.JPG]

This feature provides the ability to add unlimited heats for a specific category (class). For example, in the screen shot above, clicking the Add Heat pop up menu item will create 'Heat 1' under both the Practice and Qualifying session headings for the '1/5th On Road' category (class). Adding subsequent heats will create 'Heat 2', 'Heat 3' etc.

NOTE 1: Heats can be re-ordered / re-numbered by ordering the Daily Schedule (explained in a separate How To guide).

NOTE 2: The Grid Listing area will be automatically filtered to only display the category (class) that has just being entered. This feature provides a cleaner grid list to work in - something that becomes particularly important when an event has numerous entries. To change to another category (class), simply choose from the drop down Category list:

[Image: EnterEvent_FilteredCategory.JPG]

Once a session contains a heat, entrants can be manually dragged from the Entries listing on the right side of the page, and dropped in the required heat.

Multiple entries can be selected by holding down the CTRL key and clicking the required rows in the Entries list. The order in which the entry rows are clicked on will determine the order the entries will be placed in a heat.

[Image: EnterEvent_DropInHeat.JPG]

Dropping entrants in the a heat results in the entranst being automatically entered into the heat in both Practice and Qualifying sessions.

[Image: EnterEvent_EntrantInHeat.JPG]

To remove an entrant, right click on the required entrant and choose from the following pop up menu options:

[Image: EnterEvent_GridRightClickMenu.JPG]

'Remove Entry... From Event' - removes the entry from the entire event, and will remove them from all categories they are entered in.

'Remove Entry... From Category' - removes the entry from the current category being edited.

WARNING: If racing has started, removing an entry will remove all related session results. The entrant will then be placed back in the Entries listing on the right side of the page.

AUTO Sorting
To automatically create heats and sort entries into those heats, first choose the category (class) to auto sort from the Category drop down list.

[Image: EnterEvent_AutoSort.JPG]

Next, enter the number of heats for each Practice and Qualifying session. Changing the Heats numeric value will automatically calculate the number of entries per heat for the chosen category (class).

Click the Auto Sort button to automatically create heats and sort entries accordingly.

If the Auto Sort button is not available (sometimes happens after a Database restore), you can enable it by clicking on the 'Force Auto Sort' button on the Database Setup tab located on the Race Setup page (2nd menu from the top).

Odd / Even Auto Sorting
By default, entries are placed in heats using an odd/even selection process. The initial Entrant order is based upon an entry's ID number that is allocated when first entered into e-Laps.

Random Auto Sorting
Entries are selected randomly and placed into heats.

Grade Auto Sorting
Entries are placed in heats based upon their Grade. An entrant's grade is set up under the People tab (3rd menu from the top).

Finals sorting occurs after Practice and Qualifying have been completed. The number of final races (e.g. 1/2 Final, 1/4 Final) is determined by the Finals mode selected (see How to Create an Event) and the number of entries.

Rollback / Restore Database
Entry sorting can be undone quickly and easily by clicking the Rollback button if required.

Re-ordering entries
Entries can be re-ordered by dragging and dropping the entry above or below other entries. Re-ordering can only be performed within the same heat, i.e. entrants cannot be dragged from one heat to another.

[Image: EnterEvent_DragWithinHeat.JPG]

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