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Information How to Email Results
The Email tab is located on the Race Results page (6th Menu from the top).
Here the email functionality can be configured and turned on or off as required.

[Image: EmailResult_EmailTab.jpg]

Laptime Chart
This feature allows the ability to attach a Laptime Chart image file to individual entrant result emails. An example is shown below:

[Image: email_laptimeChart.png]

Configuring Email
The Email configuration settings are located on the Preferences tab, which can be easily accessed by clicking the 'Configure Email' button on the Email tab described above.

[Image: EmailResult_EmailConfiguration.jpg]

Here your specific email host settings can be configured so e-Laps can remotely log in and send emails using your email account.

Please Note
Email host settings will depend upon which email host you use - please refer to your specific email host for the correct settings.

After entering valid email host settings, click the 'Test Send' button to ensure e-Laps is able to send email.

A copy of each email will be sent to the CC Address if one is entered.

Individual Entrant Email configuration
In order for entrants to receive emails from e-Laps, they need to have an email address entered, and the 'Receive' drop down set to 'Yes'. These settings are configured on the People page (3rd Menu from the top).

[Image: EmailResult_EmailReceive.jpg]

Result emails can be sent Manually and Automatically:

Result emails are automatically sent at the end of each race to all entrants of the race that have be configured to receive email (as described above).

Result emails can be manually sent for any race, as required.
To manually send a result email for a given race, right click on the race in the Race Results page (5th Menu from the top), and click the 'Email Race Results' menu item.

If a result file has not been created for the chosen race, click the 'Create / Upload Result File' menu item first, then click the 'Email Race Results' menu item.

A results email will be sent to all entrants of the race that have be configured to receive email (as described above).

[Image: EmailResult_PopUpMenu.jpg]

Emailing 'End Of Round' and 'Grid Lists' can be performed by right clicking on the Category name (as shown in the screen shot below), and then clicking the required email menu item.

[Image: EmailResult_EndOfRound.jpg]

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