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UPDATE (Bug fixes / minor feature additions):

Fixed: Late transponder entry crashing end of race
Fixed: Free practice resetting after saving event
Fixed: Seeding / End Of Round reports not seeding / displaying all entrants
Fixed: Overall position list (on Pitscreen) not changing when Auto Advancing
Fixed: Scrolling notification (on Pitscreen) not returning to default position
Fixed: Start Mode could be changed when editing table values (e.g categories)
Fixed: Schedule Timetable error if forecast finish time spans more than 24 hours
Fixed: Final Standings report displaying 'skipped final' positions incorrectly
Fixed: Split time incorrect when not on lead lap and total time exceeds leader total
Fixed: Not retaining Grid order (as cars hit loop) during warm up laps
Fixed: Entrant names in Email and Upload files displayed as firstname surname
Fixed: License check date notification
Fixed: Manual Announce Race Order (ESC Hot Key)
Fixed: Manual Staggered now advances 1,3,5 etc
Fixed: Finalise race now works before a Final countdown start
Fixed: Changing event now clears old race data
Fixed: Count First Lap now recorded as default for Finals
Fixed: Racer name appears instead of TBA (when in wrong heat) in passing window
Fixed: Progress Report time format only shows Hour value when required
Fixed: Print Progress Report now correctly shows Qualy round report during Final rounds
Fixed: Auto size Pitscreen driver Name text if too long
Fixed: Top three position on TQ race report footer now display correct lap count
Fixed: Skip round now prints all skipped heat race reports
Added: Editable number of Multipart Finals
Added: Editable Multipart Final 'drop round'
Added: Pitscreen response time improvements [eLapsPitscreen.exe]
Added: Play end race sound after Practice and Qualifying race ends (selectable)
Added: 4:3 (non widescreen) Pitscreen display
Added: Refinements to Race Light controls
Added: Race Light Hot Key controls
Added: Auto Pitscreen opening (preference)
Added: Auto timing relay start (preference)
Added: Auto decoder connection (preference)
Added: Break count down screen and sensor chart
Added: Individual lap time chart report
Added: Lap time chart (image) in email results (selectable)
Added: Hide Shootout and Practice races (in event setup list) if not required
Added: Consecutive Laps Reseeding report menu
Added: Delete All Laps button on edit laptime form
Added: Increased Free Practice 'clear inactive' time to 30 min
Added: Ability to edit online entry ID (password protected)
Added: Auto Find Network Decoder
Added: Master / Slave improvements with unlimited Slave connections
Added: Manual Clear Passing button
Added: Race Length (time) on Pitscreen and Grid List and Race Schedule reports
Added: Email and Upload result file response time improvements [eLapsPrintServer.exe]
Added: Time Penalty functionality
Added: Customisable menu button background colour
Added: Email result file fastest laptime underlined as well as bold
Added: 'Open Save Location' button for quick access to database save directory
Added: Ability to play sound files as announcements (e.g. siren, air horn etc)
Added: 'Extra Sound' drop down list
Added: Custom Sound functionality
Added: Announcement Cancel button to clear selection
Added: Customisable Hot Key functionality
Added: Marshals / Next to Race form (auto open and customisable Hot Key)
Added: Live Timing web updates
Added: Email Grid Lists
Added: Automatically email End Of Round reports
Added: Auto Bump Up after a category round (in finals) is complete
Added: 'Paid For This Event' check box (displayed on Entry List report)
Added: Time counter on Free Practice screens
Added: Custom scrolling Pitscreen message form (customisable Hot Key)
Added: "Grid (Rolling)" (speedway) start mode
Added: Race In Laps "Re-Order Grid" (speedway stoppage) functionality
Added: Auto add Speed Feed Service firewall exception

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