How To Use Race Light Controls
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Information How To Use Race Light Controls
Race lighting can provide a visual means to signal various stages throughout a race. For example, Green lights signal a race has started, and Red lights signal the race has stopped.

e-Laps Race Timing software has integrated functionality that allow you to configure and control a 5 relay controller. This relay controller can be purchased through Scale Race Engineering, and has the following technical specifications:

[Image: RelayControllerSpec.JPG]

There are 8 configurable relay 'states' as shown below.

[Image: Relay_States.JPG]

Each relay state can be configured so any of the 5 relays are activated at a specific stage during a race. The various race stages are explained as follows:

Between races
This stage represents the time period before 'Warm Up' begins. It can also represent the time period after the 'Advance' button has been clicked in order to progress to the next race.

Warm Up
This stage represents the time period after 'Between races' and before a race is 'Started'. This stage will also be activated if a race is restarted.

This stage represents the time period during which a race has started and is underway.

This stage represents the time period after a race has been run (after all cars have finished their final laps), and before the 'Advance' button has been clicked. This stage will also be activated if a race is finalised.

Configuring relays
The '1 Rly 5' column control is used to configure which relays are activated in a given relay state. For example, an entry of '10101' will instruct the relay controller to activate relay 1, relay 3, and relay 5 only. Conversely, an entry of '01010' will instruct the relay controller to activate relay 2, relay 4 only.

Relay timing
The relay state timing can be configured using the Time column control. This control sets the time (i.e the race time within a specific race stage) a relay state is activated. For example, Yellow lights can be configured to come on 30 seconds prior to a race starting, then the Yellow lights can be configured to start flashing 10 second prior to the race starting.

NOTE: The ability to flash lights is not controlled by the 5 relay controller. The 5 relay controller is used to activate (switch on or off) a master relay, which in turn can be used to control a 'relay flasher' unit that is directly attached to a light.

Relay Hot Keys
Four keyboard keys can be configured to operate specific relay states as required. These 'hot keys' are the F1, F2, F3, and F4 keys on a conventional PC keyboard.

To configure a hot key to operate a specific relay state, simply choose the required relay state from the key's drop down list.

[Image: Relay_HotKeys.JPG]

This will automatically save the selected relay state against the specific hot key.

Pressing the hot key will activate the chosen relay state. Pressing the same hot key a second time will de-activate the chosen relay state and set the relay controller back to the state it was in prior to the hot key being pressed.

Configuring Speech for Hot Keys
Speech can be automatically announced when each Hot Key is pressed. For example, the text "Caution on the back straight" could be configured for the F1 key.
For more information of configuring Hot Keys see the How To Configure Hot Keys guide.

Connecting a relay controller
Simply plug the 5 relay controller in to a USB port on your PC. Then select the controller from the Light Controller drop down list when it appears.

NOTE: After plugging the controller in to a USB port, it may take several seconds for the relay controller to appear in the Light Controller drop down list.

Manually activating / de-activating relay states
Any relay state can be operated at any time provided a relay controller is attached and selected from the 'Light Controller' drop down list.

[Image: Relay_TurnON.JPG]

Click a relay state's 'ON' button to activate the relay state. Click the 'OFF' button (the ON button becomes the OFF button after being clicked) to de-activate a relay state.

Wiring up relays
Connect the positive and negative power source wires to the each relay terminal block as required.

[Image: Relay_Wiring.JPG]


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