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How to Upload Live Results - eLapsRaceTiming - 22-Jul-2014 11:42 AM

Uploading live results to the e-Laps Online Entry website is available in e-Laps PRO version only.

To upload live result to an online event, first there needs to be an online event created on the e-Laps Online Entry website. See How to Create an Online Event for further information.

IMPORTANT: Event information must be downloaded and imported from the e-Laps Online Entry website into e-Laps Race Timing Software for the live results functionality to work.

Once an online event exists, the online entries and event information can be downloaded as a ZIP file, and saved to your local computer.

After extracting the ZIP file contents, two encrypted Comma Separated Values (.CSV) files should exist ('1_tblEvent.csv' and '2_tblEntry.csv'). These files are only compatible with the licensed version of e-Laps owned by the account that created the online event.

Importing the online entries and event files is performed on the Race Setup page (2nd Menu from the top), then click the Database Setup tab

[Image: UploadResults_DatabaseSetupTab.JPG]

NOTE 1: Event categories (classes) will be imported and created during the import process.

To import the .CSV files, click the Import Tables button on the Database Setup tab to open the 'Browse For Folder' form.

[Image: UploadResults_ImportTables.JPG]

[Image: UploadResults_BrowseFolder.JPG]

Navigate your computer system to locate the FOLDER where you downloaded and extracted the ZIP file into.
Click OK to begin the import process.

Once the online entries and event information has been imported, the new event can be selected via the Event drop down list on the Event Setup tab.

Configure the Event further if required, and then click the Save Event button to finalise the import process.

Uploading of live race results (Result Files) is managed on the Race Results page (6th Menu from the top), and then click the Result Files tab.

[Image: UploadResults_CreateFiles.JPG]

NOTE 3: An Internet connection is required to upload race result files (Result Files) to the e-Laps Online Entry website.

NOTE 4: The Create Result Files checkbox must be ON (ticked) for the result files to be created.

Uploading of race result files (Result Files) takes place automatically at the end of each race. Alternatively, clicking the Upload Manually button will upload all existing results files in one batch.

Manually re-create Upload Result Files
Upload Result Files can be manually re-created if required. For example race results may need to be changed as a result of a penalty. Right click the required race (on the Race Results page) and click the 'Create / Upload Result File' menu item.

[Image: EmailResult_PopUpMenu.jpg]

The Race Result File will be recreated, and automatically uploaded.

Live Updates
This feature provides the ability to configure race results to be uploaded whilst a race is running. For example, every 15 seconds race results are uploaded to the Online Entry website so website users can see results as they occur.

Produce / Upload Lists
Clicking this button will create and upload the 'Category Entrant Lists' and 'Grid Lists' to the Online Event website.