How to Create an Online Event
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Information How to Create an Online Event
Online Event management is only available to Clubs that have purchased the PRO version of e-Laps.

Once your Club has registered on the e-Laps Online Entry website ( you can log in and access the Online Event management functionality.

View a list of your events by clicking the 'My Events' menu item.

[Image: OnlineEvent_ClubMenu.jpg]

Events are listed by Start Date.

[Image: OnlineEvent_EventList.jpg]

Clicking the 'Past Event' button will display a list of events that are completed.

NOTE: Past events cannot be edited nor deleted.

Adding an Event
Clicking the 'Add Event' button will open the Add Event form.

[Image: OnlineEvent_AddEvent.jpg]

Close Date
The close date is used to prevent late entries. Once the close date has passed the Event will be closed and no more entries are possible. The close date can be edited at any time, so a closed Event can be re-opened if needed.

Multiple categories can be chosen by holding down the CTRL key and clicking the required categories.

Set / View Category Entry Limits
Each category chosen for an event can have an entry limit set. This is done by clicking the 'Set / View Category Entry Limits' link to the right of the Categories list.
For more information on this feature see the How to Set Event Entry Limits guide.

Offer Expire
This value is used in conjunction with the Category Entry Limits (described above). This value indicates the time (in hours) that a Waiting List Invite (Offer) will remain valid. For more information on using this field see the How to Send Waiting List Invites guide.

Stay Open / Close
Again this value is used in conjunction with the Category Entry Limits (described above). This value determines what an event will do once a entry limit is reached. It will either stay open - whereby new entrants will be placed in a waiting list, or the event will become closed.

Practice / Qualification
These fields allow you to specify how many rounds will be run in each Practice or Qualifying session. This value is also used to create the online results page menus, for example if you specify 6 Qualifying rounds, this will create 6 menus for each session group as shown below.

[Image: OnlineEvent_ResultsMenu.jpg]

Event Extras
This functionality allows you to set up entry fee payment packages (or extras) that can be made available for your events. For example an event may require the use of control tyres for a certain category. You can set up a 'Event Extra' where an entrant can specify how many control tyres they would like to order / purchase at the time they pay their entry fee. As the event administrator, you can view a report on entrant purchases, so you know how many tyres you need to provide at the event. For more information on using this functionality see the How to Create Purchase Extras guide.

[Image: OnlineEvent_PurchaseExtras.jpg]

Set / View Extra Categories
Each 'Event Extra' that you create can be associated with multiple categories. For example you can create an Event Extra that is for the order / purchase of control tyres for a 1/10th scale car - obviously this Extra should only be associated with 1/10th scale categories. For more information on using this functionality see the How to Create Purchase Extras guide.

Pay Online
Here you can specify whether an entrant will have the ability to pay their entry fee via PayPal, via the e-Laps website. Setting this value to YES will present the option for entry fee payment. Please Note: Entrants can choose not to pay online if they would like to pay via other means.

Club PayPal
This is the PayPal account that payments will be directed to. PayPal and e-Laps administration fees are deducted at the time a payment is made. For more information on PayPal Adaptive Payments (Chained Payments), please refer to the following webpage:

Entry Fee
This is the monetary amount that will be transferred to the PayPal account specified in the Club PayPal field (described above).

The 'ex. fees' field is the entry fee amount before any fees (PayPal and e-Laps administration fees) are applied. Essentially this value can be thought of as the amount that will remain in the Club PayPal account after all fees are paid.

The 'inc. fees' field is, as the name suggests, the entry fee inclusive of PayPal and e-Laps administration fees. This is the entry fee amount that the entrant will be required to pay. Clicking the 'inc. fees' link will display the PayPal Chained Payments pop up box which displays the fee breakdown for a given entry fee.

[Image: OnlineEvent_FeePopUp.jpg]

2nd Entry Fee
This is the entry fee that will be presented to an entrant that has already paid for a previous entry in the same event. For example, if an entrant wants to enter multiple categories in the one event, you (as the event administrator) can set a discounted fee for multiple entries.

The 2nd Entry Fee has all the same fees applied (as described for the Entry Fee field above)

All other fields are self explanatory. Fill in the Event details as required and click the Save button.

Mandatory fields are marked with a red asterisk (*).

Deleting an Event
On the My Events screen, click the red cross (in the Tools column) to delete an event. As a safe guard, events that have entries cannot be deleted without first deleting the entries. For more information on performing this task, see the How to Managing Online Entries guide.

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